When life hands you lemons, take a nap on the couch

Long weekends are pretty sacred, especially those ones that are filled with parties and birthdays and barbecues. Long mornings in pajamas, endless re-heatings of coffee (I know, gross, but it’s the only way I can ever successfully gauge how much coffee I’ve consumed). Monday morning seemed a good time to get around to some baking. My plan was some whole grain bread, cupcakes most certainly for a barbecue – decorated with hamburgers and corn on the cob  – and I’ve recently had a craving for some serious carrot cake with cream cheese icing. So, I got busy, got my bread rising, cupcakes poured into their little paper liners and POOF! There went my oven. Actually, it wasn’t that dramatic, really just a quiet expiring of an appliance. My initial outcry was one of horror – followed by a small voice “mummy, don’t say that word”…and then once the panic had subsided (“don’t worry – we’ll find a neighbor with an oven to bake your bread”), I started to fantasize that my oven was really and truly dead, and that I would be able to pick out a new appliance – shiny, stainless steel… Well, of course reality set in (that would be my husband), and the trip to Home Depot ensued. Now, trips to Home Depot are something of a land mine, because in my house you actually can’t say that out loud and expect to not bring two small people with you.  It’s like they have programmed into their heads that if they go to Home Depot, good things happen. Like, a space station.

Or Mickey Mouse paint samples. Or, driving around in a car-shaped buggy. Or all of that. In any case, it looks like we’ll be having barbecued everything for a while.

This is our space station, that we made out of a dryer box, spray painted silver, and decorated with all sorts of stuff we found at Home Depot – dryer duct tubing makes excellent ball tubes, and switch plate covers make excellent buttons – get your kids to scribble pictures to put in the spaces. Furnace filters are good to use, as are drain catchers for buttons, and we used a lot of those electrical wire covers for buttons. Even some of the packaging we used for big buttons, round plastic circles stuffed with tissue paper make awesome giant buttons…and then of course the requisite roll of duct tape to child-proof it all. In a word – Awesome. What every kid needs in his playroom!

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