Too tired. Here’s some potatoes.

So here’s what happened. My husband went to Chicago, I was left for a week with two kids under five. Yes, I was a maniac and still did fun creative things with them, (interspersed between long runs of cartoons), but blogging about it was too much to ask, even for me.  The crazy never ends it seems. Not that I’m complaining – I suspect no-one is going to subscribe to a blog about paint drying.

So this week I did make a cool cake tho – a fellow marketer is a HUGE Lost fan, and he asked me to make a Lost themed cake for his birthday. He shares the same birthday with his fiancee – how great is that? Having never seen 1 second of an episode, I didn’t really have ideas, so he gave me a little stack of visuals to work with.  I did a little googling too, and in the end – well, here’s the cliffhanger – you’ll have to wait for the next blog to see.

But in the meantime, yes, I took a picture of some potatoes we had for dinner the other night, because I tossed them in butter in this bowl I made, which somehow complimented each other perfectly without me even trying to make it look good. If only I could roll out of bed every day and look as good effortlessly as these potatoes do. Sigh.

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