Simple pleasures

It was a busy weekend, playing, making, visiting, but some really lovely putzing around too. I escaped for four quiet hours to the studio on Saturday, to continue making a new set of dishes. I made a set of 8 square side plates and three larger platters, all porcelain, on the slab roller – pretty easy hand-building stuff.  I’ve never made just white dishes, so it’s a little strange to be making very straight forward stuff that doesn’t require a lot of decoration or slip – simple!

I had a lot of things to pick up yesterday as well – for the most part disappointing glaze results, which happens. I’m glad I keep a glaze log for these very reasons! We put a three part dish to use right away – Ben test drove it with his morning fruit.

Once fortified, we made a double batch of blueberry cranberry oatmeal muffins, which disappeared throughout the day today at an alarming rate.

I’m going to take a couple days off of making things, but later this week I’ll be gearing up to make a Lost cake for a couple who share the same birthday, at the end of the month. No cake breaks for me!

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