Ritchie Bros. Monopoly, Cake Edition

I made a cake for a colleague this week, a customized Monopoly board. The streets/avenues were changed to reflect either a place or saying that had personal meaning for him. I swapped out the railroads for pieces of equipment that are common at our Ritchie Bros. auctions – a skid steer, wheel loader, crawler tractor, and an excavator. Where the Parker Brothers logo is, I slipped in a little Ritchie Bros. branding. The playing pieces are silvered sold cones we use on the ramp – I had to stick them and the dice on toothpicks to paint. This board game translated really well into cake – the flat painting and the 3D pieces are quite lovely, I think.  I really love painting – it is beyond me why I continue to paint in a medium that is edible instead of permanent, but I guess that’s another blog entry.  One of the nicest parts of staying up really late painting, is that I am totally caught up on what’s happening in the Tour de France. In any case, this was a really fun cake to make, and I’m glad it was well received. I had the cake shot professionally by our in-house photographer, so pictures of the assembled cake will follow. But now? Sleep!

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