Let them vote cake!

Who doesn’t love cake? Seriously, aside from what I have managed to do with food, there are some folks out there who can really do unbelievable things with cake and sugar. It’s really amazing how this food medium has turned into an art form for the at-home pastry lover. Really – do cake shops make any money anymore? There are so many inspiring books, websites, and tv shows that you really just need to turn to your preferred media and become inspired. As a teenager I worked in a bakery, so I come by my love of cakes and baking honestly.  The art of sugar-paste hadn’t really hit the small-town scene, so it wasn’t until I started watching the Martha Stewart show in the 90’s that I first saw some of the cakes that they were making.  I really loved the old MS show – I really did actually learn a lot from watching her (and her assistants).  I’ve never taken a course on cake decorating in my life, but I’ve realised that just like my dad said, the more you practice, the better you get.  Nothing would boost my spirits more than winning this contest!

Voting begins tomorrow. Here are some handy links to the cakes I submitted, but if you have time, check out some of the cakes – they are amazing (a poutine cake!??)

Ritchie Bros. Apple Laptop Website Launch cake:  http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2897069-Ritchie-Bros.-website-launch-M?collection=&offset=7&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Tintin Comic Strip Cake: http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2890821-Tintin-Cartoon-Cake?collection=&offset=8&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Ritchie Bros. Auction Cupcakes:  http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2924333-Ritchie-Bros.-baking-contest-c?collection=&offset=5&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Ben’s Car Cake: http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2952979-Ben’s-car-cake?collection=&offset=0&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Montreal Canadien’s Cake: http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2938809-Montreal-Canadiens-Stanley-Cup?collection=&offset=2&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Vegetable Garden Cake:  http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2929215-Vegetable-Garden-Cake?collection=&offset=4&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Sandra Boynton Doggies Cake: http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2949735-Sandra-Boynton-‘Doggies’-Cake?collection=&offset=1&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Richard Scarry Lowly the Worm Cake:  http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2935133-Busy-Town-Lowly-the-Worm-Cake?collection=&offset=3&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Team Canada Olympic 2010 Cake:  http://crazycakes.canadianliving.com/entry/2905747-Team-Trevor-Olympic-Mascot-Cak?collection=&offset=6&channel=&moderationStatus=notdenied

Thanks for reading and your votes!

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