Waxing, playdough and food art: child’s play

Sometimes I have to relinquish my adult crafty controlling self, and allow the kids total creativity with no interference.  I spent most of this weekend playing and making messes (and cleaning up!) with the children. Have you ever seen Mr. Maker? It’s a BBC kids show from I think Australia. Mr. Maker is the main character, and has a giant Doodle Drawer, filled with just about every craft making supply you would ever need in several lifetimes. My kids love the show, because it’s so goofy, but it inspired us to fill a cabinet with unrelated cool craft making supplies, so that whenever we wanted to make something, we could go for it.

We also got out the playdough, and made a giant mess, which was pretty gratifying in a 50-colours-mixed-together kind of way. No point even trying to keep the colours separate! It’s possible there was more on the floor than in the containers at the end, but who cares.

I took Sam to the studio yesterday for an hour, and he spent most of the time creating texture in a piece of clay with the different tools in my toolbox, which he loved and was a really good exercise for him.  I snuck back out again today to glaze a whole bunch of stuff.  Every piece of pottery you make needs to be waxed on the bottom before glazing and firing, and I spent a looong time waxing today. I guess it goes to show, that no matter what you’re waxing, it’s never easy or enjoyable.  I also made a set of sushi dishes.  Totally gratifying, but I couldn’t find a cool stamp for the centers, which was mildly disappointing.


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