More chocolate babka and Veuve Clicquot please!

The cake was delivered last night, and I can only hope that when I turn 50 I’ll be half as fabulous as the people I spent the evening with.  So this morning, it was on to other makings – Father’s Day Brunch, to be specific. There are times when a 6 am casting call from little people is helpful – and this morning, I was on fire, peeling apples on the floor with my kids for an apple blueberry crisp. I could eat apple crisp for every meal, but in our house, it’s a special treat for breakfast. (I know, it’s technically dessert, but you can kind of see why I would go there – fruit, check. crunchy oatmeal topping – check. Breakfast? check). We call it “cripps”, and at 7:30 in the morning dem if it doesn’t smell fine baking. We invited a couple of dads we know over as well, so had to round out the table with champagne and orange juice, pancakes and maple syrup, copious amounts of fruit for the kids, bacon baked with brown sugar, and the traditional celebrating-anything-excuse-to-buy-babka.  Solly’s Bagels is a bakery and deli in Kitsilano. They make proper boiled bagels, matzo ball soup, and the best chocolate babka in the world. Ok, I have not travelled the world to eat babka (Food Network! Call Me!) nor really, frankly, would my waist-line want it, but there is some honour knowing where to go when you need doughy-chocolatey-bready-goodness. Good things come to you when you share chocolate babka. Sadly, too late I’ve realised that this entry would have looked much better with the entire spread photographed, and all I have now is an empty bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and the Solly’s box the babka came in. I’ll give you the website – if you’re ever shopping in Kits on a rainy day, and have a hankering for something you just can’t put your finger on, wander into Solly’s and tap into your unknown jewish foodie roots.

I did wander into the studio this afternoon, and got busy, so at least I can show something for my weekend!

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