On being hugely distracted instead of building a fashion cake

Well, I need to make a cake for this weekend. It’s going to be a “fashion” themed cake, for my friend who is turning 50. I’ve got some ideas, but man, I am somewhat uninspired by this one. I baked the cake for it last night (actually, I’ve had to bake the cake twice, but that’s a whole other story). Sometimes, stuff just happens. When you’re tired. And it’s late. No matter. The cake is baked, and now I have to decorate it with something fashion. Prada? Gucci? A handbag? A shoe? A martini? Hmm. A martini would be good right about now.  I’ve got a few ideas below, we’ll see what becomes of it all. This has “all nighter” written all over it. ‘sigh’.

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