Geeking out

Ok, so here’s the deal. You grow up in the 70’s, and there’s certain things you’re gonna geek out on. I remember distinctly the very first box of space lego my older brother unwrapped. It was beyond cool. I’ve made a lot of stuff with lego – sitting for hours in our basement creating worlds out of lego, block by block. Maybe there’s something about that kind of open creativity – I remember space lego having computer pieces, clear pieces, people with HELMETS. What kind of drives me nuts now, is that when you buy lego, it tends to be specific to one thing – I don’t think we ever just built what was on the box.  For all the time spent, I never imagined someone would make a dot-matrix style printer out of lego – the ultimate homage to the 70’s. Class all the way.

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One Response to Geeking out

  1. Holly says:

    That’s amazing! My brother and hubby flipped over it…I am sure it will be forwarded to half of Ritchie Bros today!

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