Anticipating inevitable shrinkage

Every year the neighborhood I live in has a giant garage sale. Tons of people come from all over the lower mainland, and we all emerge from our winter cocoons with coffee in hand and have a great day of socialising. Or that’s what usually happens, except that it was pouring rain Saturday morning, and while the people still came, hardly any of us bothered to put out anything to sell, at least on my street. Which isn’t to say I didn’t have stuff to unload. I think I mentioned I have copious amounts of unused pottery sitting around, so I figured I should pull out all my stuff, do an inventory, and chuck a few things out. I honestly was a bit overwhelmed by the time everything was stacked on my dining room table. We had a good laugh, and realised that we hadn’t actually bought any dishes in about 10 years! There are things I can’t part with – like the Lord of the Rings plate…just because that stencil almost killed me to make. I think I’ve only used it once or twice. There are pieces that I can’t toss because they have sentimental value, or I just like the shape.  Pieces I made at a studio I no longer go to, so I’ll never be able to reproduce the glazes. So I put everything except about ten pieces (what ruthlessness!) back in the cupboards.

And then went to the studio today to throw a new set of dishes.  I’m thinking all porcelain, and just white, clear glaze – which will be a bit of a departure for me, but I’m excited.  Because that set of 12 copper green dinner plates, side plates and bowls are really so very wintery…


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