Ceci n’est pas une…Ritchie Bros. handbag?

Well, it’s not every day that I get to say Rene Magritte and Ritchie Bros. in the same sentence, but this blog entry is all about shakin’ it up baby! Magritte is one of my favourite artists – Belgian, surrealist painter. His work challenged viewers to reconsider their perceptions of reality, and to force viewers to look at their surroundings in new ways. As marketers, I suspect that our work every day is a little like that – trying to make things new and different and appealing to our customers. I recently had some canvas left over from a project we did for our Chilliwack site.  I originally thought I would just bring it home and make the children some placemats because the stuff is pretty durable.  When Dave Ritchie had his first auction 50 years ago, I’m pretty sure he never imagined a line of handbags from images taken from auctions. And yet! Voila! I’ll even add in a modest throw pillow for artistic effect. Ok, I was tired of sewing bags tonight and honestly just wanted to get the job done, so I made a pillow instead. Madill has never looked so good! I don’t know who the guy is on the pillow, but I’m pretty sure he never imagined he’d end up immortalized on a pillow.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit I watched a documentary on the making of Chanel bags, and while part of me does wish I was secluded away somewhere just off the Champs Elysees munching on a pain au chocolate and sewing Chanel bags by hand, I can assure you that the quality of these bags is light years away. Think of this as the trailer park trash handbag. In any case, it’s mostly for effect, and to show that dam those Western Star trucks look good on that bag.

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