Let’s call it a wheel loader and leave it at that

So I ran out of duct tape at about 10 pm tonight, and while I’m not sure if it’s a John Deere or a Caterpillar, it’s a wheel loader fo sho, and that’s that.  I’m actually truly amazed that this thing is as big as it is, and if I can get it out of my house without my children turning it into pulp it will be a total miracle.  But seriously, the mechanics of this thing are kind of interesting.  The tubes I’ve used for holding the wheels together have proved more useful than I imagined, as I’ve stuffed them with dried beans in ziploc bags for weight. Really…I’m not kidding…I needed weights and all I could come up with was the beans I used for baking pie shells. Surely someone will appreciate my resourcefulness there. In any case, I’m thinking another roll of duct tape to hold this all together, then I may just have to call the guys out in Chilliwack for a little refurb paint job.  In any case, the problem I’m faced with now, is whether it will be CAT yellow or John Deere green?

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