crazy project #2307: cardboard loader backhoe

This recycling/upcycling  challenge at work has me spinning with ideas.  I got an idea on Friday to make a loader backhoe “sculpture” (I’ll use that term loosely).  My kids, of course, think I am a crazy lunatic, or a 12 year old, or both. Not the first time my 4 1/2 year old has claimed that I’m not like daddy, who’s a GROWNUP. I’m taking it as a compliment, but I digress. I’ve gotten to the part where the wheels are on – I’ve used architectural storage tubes from Properties to be the

axels (?) – my complete lack of knowledge of the finer points of equipment and their names perhaps gives me an edge others wouldn’t have –  let’s hope anyways.  At the point where I had to negotiate the hydraulics, I abandoned the project (to my children’s delight)- the floor littered with a million scraps of cardboard and cut out boxes (the children had at this point resorted to taping our furniture and their toys with bits of masking tape),  and went to the studio, and got muddy. I’m making coasters, for sale and for gifts. Somewhat more satisfying than the loader backhoe, but I’ll get back to it. I’m not sure how my initial concept of the 8″ cardboard sculpture has turned into something about 2 feet by 2 feet, but I guess it will be as big as it needs to be!

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