Team Trevor Canada Olympic Cake

Well, my next door neighbors son turned 12. He’s an awesome kid, so I made him a cake for his birthday party.  There was a little suffering with this cake, as I had to refer to my husbands (somewhat) stinky and very well-used Team Canada 2010 Olympic jersey.  The maple leaf on the jersey is actually a bit more detailed than what I did – and who can blame me, there’s a LOT of details in that design! Let’s just say I got all the main elements – beaver, check. moose, check. Anything that screamed Canada, check. Not in a real hurry to paint any maple leafs any time soon tho, man they’re tricky! Another thing that kind of sucked about all that freestyle handpainting, is that it was super hard to photograph well – it’s pretty subtle even on the jersey. I’m not going to lie, making the mascots was a total riot, especially with my 41/2 year old consulting along the way. “Mummy – you forgot Miga’s orange stripe on the scarf!”. Details details. Right down to Quatchi’s tat. (who knew!!). Regardless, it was a fun cake to do, even with a very wet but very fun dragonboat race sandwiched in between mascot-making.

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