Tintin Cake

Well here’s the last project I worked on – a Tintin cake, for a friend. The idea was hatched over drinks at our Christmas party, when we both enthusiastically agreed that a Tintin cartoon cake would be the coolest thing eva. And I think it turned out pretty good…favourite cartoon strips were chosen from almost every Tintin issue, photocopied, and then I copied the drawings free-hand onto strips of rolled sugarpaste.  I sketched the basic drawing first in black food colouring, and then filled in the colours from light to dark, then finished each panel off with black outlines to make them pop a bit more.  Each panel probably took a couple of hours, start to finish, and the beauty of this project was that I could paint panels one by one over the course of a couple of months, believe it or not. (What can I say – I have two kids under five and a full time job!). It was fun to do…and now the next big thing is surely an Asterix and Obelix cake…

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! I”m getting inspired for my daughters birthday.. She’s a HUGE Tintin fan.how did you store the panels?

    Keep doing the goodness..


    • Thanks Dee!

      I painted the cartoon panels over a period of about a month – and during the process left them out to air dry on a flat surface. Once formed into the shape, fondant hardens up, and given the thinness they were extremely fragile, but because they were being put on the cake and I wasn’t expecting anyone to eat them, it didn’t matter that they were left out. My experience to date has been that most people don’t actually eat the decorations, and in this case, the client painted a coat of shellac over the tiles to preserve them. (Note – if you do something like this, it’s important to not expose the decorations to sunlight as the dye will bleach eventually).

      I hope that answers your questions – happy making!

      Denise – Vancouver

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