Super Hero Cupcakes


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May The Cake Be With You

What kind of cake do you make for someone who used to work for Disney, goes by the pseudonym “Lowbi Wan Kentobi”, and worked for an Industrial Auction company for over 4 years?


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Baby Shower Cake


I made this cake for a work colleague of mine, (last year!). My, how babies are born and grow up so fast! Anyways, I loved the colour combination for this one – so much that my spare bedroom is about to get a makeover in these colours!


The little topper was so cute, molded out of marshmallow fondant. Welcome to the world baby!

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LEGO Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

Well, yeah, this happened! Boys Rule in my house, and let me tell you, I’m loving every minute of it. In what other situation is being a geek as a child useful? Really! I made these cupcakes for Ben’s first 5th Birthday party (yes, he had two parties – one family and one friends) and these were The.Best. It did help that he got his dream gift as well, a Boba Fett helmet, which we all fought over wearing for the rest of the weekend. heh heh.

IMAG1525I hand-painted this set, then made a bunch of LEGO bricks in fondant to make the set go farther. Which one do you like the best!?  I made a mistake painting Luke’s hair, but it turned out so funny I left it. epic.

IMAG1554I always end up with Princess Leia 😉


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Grumpy Cat Cake

Who’s a Grumpy Cat!

IMAG7721Well, THIS happened. Everyone has a beloved work colleague that loves cats. My friend Jeff, is that guy. He left, so I baked him a grumpy cat cake as a surprise – look what he was wearing on his last day!



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Monster Truck Birthday Cake

For Ben’s 5th Birthday party, he asked for a Monster Truck theme, and we delivered with all the mud, trucks and flames I could muster.

IMAG1896Unlike the Death Star cake, this cake, I thought, came together really well – I’m never sure how the ideas will turn out, but I liked the way this one looked. It was all the same homemade marshmallow fondant, lots of black icing for mud, and of course, flames.

IMAG1883This was a big party with a lot of kids, so I made monster truck cookies for the goodie bags, and some extra cupcakes with the race car flags.

IMAG1878There is truly nothing more fun for my kids and I, than pimping up cardboard boxes. This, was, by far, the best thing at the party – cardboard monster trucks.

IMAG1874Look at how bad-ass Ben is in his favourite truck!


It was literally, fun for the whole family.


Another thing I did that was pretty entertaining for the kids, was a “Pin the license plate on the monster truck” game – huge hit. I just painted a monster truck onto some cardboard, and printed out each kid’s name on a license plate generator I found on the web. IMAG1943


Of course when we lit the candles on the cake, it was epic in a monster-jam kind of way. IMAG1950

How did Ben like it?

IMAG1946Monster success!






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STAR WARS Death Star Cake

Well, you probably knew this was inevitable. For Sam’s 7th Birthday, I attempted to make a Death Star cake. I did not love this cake – but I’m posting it anyways as an exercise in humilty – not everything I make turns out awesome, and that’s the truth.

IMAG4738But therein lies the truth – Sam did not care that it was not my best work – he loved it. We had a whole Star Wars theme going on for the birthday, which was, of course, really fun.


I made fondant mini-figs for the cake, which was actually really hard, and I would not do again.  I always love hand painting onto fondant, and I loved the AT AT I did – it was my favourite.

IMG_20121124_174141The Princess Leia mini-fig was sort of funny, but it generated all sorts of funny conversations about her outfit with my boys, that I realised is just the beginning of THOSE kinds of conversations. “Is she SEXY, mum?”

And what party would be complete without a Han Solo encased in Jello carbonite? Truly the hit of the party after the cake!





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